Summit themes

V4 Presidents Summit | 2 – 3 October 2019 | Lány Chateau


The main themes of mutual debates shall be current and strategic EU topics. The Summit, which is taking place 30 years after the fall of socialism in Central Europe, shall also symbolically commemorate the events of 1989.


Day 1 | V4 Presidents Summit

Presidents of the V4 countries


The focus of the Presidents’ deliberations in the V4-only format shall be EU topics, in particular the role of the V4 in the EU. A strategic debate regarding the ambitions of the V4 in the new European context, specific opportunities for strengthened cooperation and seeking of allies for specific objectives shall take place. Since the Summit shall be held at the beginning of October, shortly before the currently scheduled Brexit date (31/10/2019), it shall thus provide an opportunity to assess the situation and prospects and coordinate positions of the V4 countries.


Furthermore, other current topics shall be discussed too, such as the new Multiannual Financial Framework of the EU (which should be finalised in autumn), impact of the US trade/customs war on the EU and the global economy, the status quo of transport infrastructure projects, etc.
The Summit shall also commemorate the 30th anniversary of the fall of socialism in the V4 countries. The Presidents shall reflect this anniversary in their debates and besides that they shall mutually commemorate the anniversary by a symbolic act.

Day 2 | V4+ Presidents Summit

Presidents of the V4 countries, Slovenia and Serbia


Presidents of the V4 countries shall be joined by the Presidents of Slovenia and Serbia.

The deliberations shall have the following objectives:

  • Clear support of the EU open door policy, which has recently weakened;
  • Call for progress in settling bilateral disputes: Central European countries were able to overcome their mutual historical burdens (CZ-PL, SK-HU, CZ-SK) and their attitude may serve as inspiration for the participating counterparts when it comes to open disputed themes;
  • After 1989, the V4 countries joined European and Transatlantic structures, successfully went through a process of social, political and economic transformation and are ready to share their transition experience with their counterparts from the Western Balkans.

With regard to the purport of the May news from the European Commission and in the light of decision-making about opening new chapters, Serbia has been the first country from the Western Balkans to be invited to the V4 Summit. Among other things, the aim of the deliberations is to highlight the status quo of accession negotiations between Serbia and the EU including a critical assessment of areas on which the latest EC report has focused.

Deliberations in the V4+ format shall naturally touch upon the current situation in the EU since Serbia and Slovenia are natural partners of the V4 countries in a number of strategic areas regarding the future of the EU.